Nail it, then Scale it. Drive Sales Results by Performing Win / Loss and Churn Analysis.


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Win/Loss Analysis and Churn Analysis that Drives Sales Results

We are truth-tellers, and we’re here to help you take decisive action. Quickly and with confidence. With sales audit evidence from the buyer, you can settle internal disputes, get teams aligned, and ensure that your actions match the needs of the market.

Your Customers are Lying to You

They’re lying about price, competitive features, and sales performance. Well, not exactly lying – but you’re not getting the whole truth. Why? Because it’s just hard to give straight feedback, especially when it’s negative.

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Eigenworks Can Help

We specialize in win/loss analysis and offer customer development as a service. We’ll extract candid feedback that will improve your sales approach, uncover competitive intelligence, and help you pivot as needed.

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Nail It


The truth is out there. Learn what’s really going on through clear, unvarnished, candid feedback from potential buyers.
Identify what to fix, so you can disqualify with confidence and focus on winnable deals.
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Turn losses into wins and secure larger deals. Keep your competitive intelligence on the client’s wants and needs.
Identify successful sales approaches and then go further. Build and replicate.
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Scale It
Defend IT


It’s time to change but to what?
Use customer insights to adapt and evolve. Embrace your entrepreneurial roots.
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Find out if your customers are lying to you.